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Australian Mortgage Centre is a nationwide specialised finance broking company with complete industry certification helping Aussies State wide with mortgage choice options and direct access to the best and latest mortgage home loans and refinance mortgages available in today's Australian Mortgage Market...

We aim to continually provide you the very best and latest home mortgage loan product choices and professional mortgage broking services.

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Our available australian loan packages range from first home buyers loans, low doc loans, large loans for construction development finance, no doc loans, business finance, car and equipment leasing, home improvement loans, construction loans, mortgage refinance loans, debt loans, investment loans, second mortgage loans, australian equity loans, australian private loans, personal loans, caveat loans, line of credit loans, short term loans, debt consolidation mortgages, australian bad credit & non-conforming loans,   fixed home loans, leasing finance, owner-builder loans and australian commercial loans.

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Australian Mortgage Centre  has played an important part in helping Australians state wide haggle access to the best home mortgage loans, investment loans, business finance, personal loans and specialised mortgage products available through our respected representation and support.

We are proud of our role in helping you find and haggle the most appropriate finance product to meet your situation.

Whether you are a first home buyer or astute investor, our team of committed home loan consultants will help you through all the important stages of your home loan application process.

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Welcome to Australian Mortgage Centre

Your Best Online Mortgage Partner for Tomorrow's Finance Today! ®

At the Australian Mortgage Centre, our professional team of mortgage broking consultants are able to provide you a knowledgeable and effective financial advisor service with a direct link to the vast Australian Mortgage Market. This allows us the ability to continually offer you immediate access to a very large range of mortgage choice options & home mortgage loan products, from many of our direct accredited finance partners.

Our significant role as finance specialists is to administer a new home mortgage for you whilst helping you to choose the right home loan product.

This strong and diverse association with our mortgage lenders allows us to quickly cover a large part of the Australian mortgage industry, offering you a variety of the best and latest available home loans in today's market; for all types of mortgage refinancing, australian home loans, credit debt loans, specialty credit lending, private money funding options, development & construction finance, big loan proposals, first home buyers loans, investment and commercial loans.

    At Australian Mortgage Centre our professional mortgage finance specialists are here for you.

    We will find the most qualified and low-cost mortgage lender for your particular loan.

    We help find and administer the lowest mortgage refinance rates from the best mortgage lenders.

    We work directly with the best finance lenders, why not find out what we can do for you by taking a couple of minutes and completing the easy on-line inquiry form?

    Australian Mortgage Centre is a certified national organisation, assisting people all around Australia with any range of loan, and we operate online 7 days a week.

We welcome contact regarding any home loan scenario or to find out more about the large range of australian loans!

Contact us today and save yourself a lot of time and hassle searching for your home loan!

Need an Unsecured Business Loan?

Are you looking for additional business finance?

Does your business have an urgent need for cash flow right now?

We can offer you a fast, flexible and simple solution for any business requirement. No security is required in the form of a property to receive funding and even better, no business financials are necessary for loans that are less than $50,000.

Apply online now for a quick APPROVAL !

We have made Unsecured Business Loans easy…

    No application fees

    Unsecured loan approvals

    Approval within 24 hours

    Payments based on your monthly business cash flow

    Funding available within 3 days into your business bank account
Unescured Business Loan

1st First Home Owners / Buyers Grant!

Lets make your Australian Dream a reality by taking advantage of the governments First Home Owners Grant!

APPLY NOW  at Australian Mortgage Centre.

Let Australian Mortgage Centre find you the best loan and take care of the grant as well.

Application forms for the First Home Owners Grant in each State have been provided for you at the bottom of this page!

Have Us Bid For YOU!

Have Australian Mortgage Centre Bid for YOUR LOAN!

We will provide you with strong professional representation; resulting in a better deal with your current lender or from their immediate competition.

Remove the guess work!

It's just that simple…

Million Dollar Loans / Development Finance

Our team of mortgage consultants have immediate access to a very large part of the Australian Development Finance & Home Mortgage Market, and pride themselves on offering mortgage solutions tailored to meet your individual needs.

If you are looking for large construction development finance or currently have a big loan residential mortgage and need a better deal you can count on Australian Mortgage Centre to find it for you.…….

We understand your requirements and provide you with our quality services accordingly. So give us a try and see what we can do for you!

Where do you go when the bank says "NO"?
Australian private mortgage lender?
Private Money Lenders are specialists who engage in higher risk ventures and mortgages because they clearly understand both the opportunity and risk associated with selected mortgage types or market commercial segments. Private lenders will not only fund projects the banks reject, they will creatively structure your loan repayments allowing them to be a very helpful short to long term financial resource.

Why not allow Australian Mortgage Centre find and place you with the most appropriate private money lender for your unique situation. We have a number of associated private lenders that we can match up for our borrowers quickly.
Funding Options First Home Buyers Loan
The First Home Buyers Loan is a fully featured variable or fixed rate home loan to assist with the purchase, of an owner-occupied residential property.
Bid Your Loan
We are able to help you by offering a better mortgage deal than the deal you may currently have, or have been quoted.
Mortgage Refinance Loans
Mortgage Refinancing is a positive way for some Australians to find financial assistance and debt relief.
Debt Consolidation Loans
Debt Consolidation is the process of consolidating a number of high interest rate bearing smaller debts into a single loan with the intention of reducing the amount of set repayments and the costs of the applicable interest.
Investment Loans
Investing in property can be a great method for achieving financial freedom. An investment loan is typically used, because the tax benefits towards the investment is directly related to the borrowings and the associated costs i.e.
Personal / Car Loans
A personal loan is an approved unsecured loan that you typically borrow from a major bank for a number of uses( i.e., holiday, debt relief, personal purchases).
Equity / Line of Credit Loans
With a line of credit loan, you deposit all of your income into the loan account thus reducing your loan amount and minimising the monthly interest charged.
Lo-Doc / No Doc Loan
Low doc home loans are mortgage facilities designed for borrowers who may not be able to provide the usual income verification documents required for home loans such as for the self-employed.
Speciality Lending Options Million Dollar Loans
Australian Mortgage Centre, will provide professional consultants who specialize in administering up to a $1,000,000 plus mortgage refinancing and purchases. We understand your requirements and provide you with our quality services accordingly. So give us a try and see what we can do for you!
Business loans
Business loans are a vital form of funding towards part of a company's survival. Cash flow is essential for building towards companies growth and on the way forward to future investments.
Bad Credit Loans
Bad Credit Finance for most individuals signifies that you find it far more difficult to get the credit card, bank loan, or personal loan you want because of your personal Credit Rating.
Leasing finance is a form of rental agreement under which you lease an asset for an agreed period and rental. A residual value is set upfront to reflect the asset’s value at the end of the term.
Lo-Doc leasing
Lo-Doc leasing finance is a form of rental agreement under which you lease an asset for an agreed period and rental. A residual value is set upfront to reflect the asset’s value at the end of the term.
Second Mortgages
A second mortgage refers to a second loan secured under an existing first mortgage upon a piece of property, typically by the home owner. One of the main driving forces that prompt people to take out a second mortgage on their home is debt consolidation or to increase equity funds quickly for investment purposes.
Short Term Caveat funding
For business or Investment purposes, a Caveat loan is your best and quickest option for short term finance requirements using the available equity in your home or investment property.

Help Find My Loan
Do you need our help?
At Australian Mortgage Centre we will do the running around and find you the best loan product based on your submitted requirements.

Now let us begin the submission to help you find the best loan. Go to our submission page and select your requirements/ features you wish to have in your loan product.

How Much Can you Borrow?
Need to know what you can afford to borrow?
Your Borrowing Power?

To find out exactly ‘how much you can borrow?’ will help you establish what sort of property you can afford to buy, where you can afford to live, and most importantly, will get you started on your way to receiving the best and most appropriate home loan for your unique situation.

FHOG Application Forms

Why not take advantage of the Governments 1st First Home Buyers Grant subsidy..?

Let AMC find you the best loan and take care of the grant as well.

Apply Now!!! And a mortgage consultant will contact you…

The latest First Home Owners Grant Application Forms can be downloaded by clicking the following links applicable to your State or Territory:

You can also visit your state government website for further information on general eligibility, qualifying homes, residency requirements, how to make an application, supporting documentation, payment of grant and spouse information.

State Revenue Offices & First Home Owners Grant Application Forms:

NSW State Revenue Office - (02) 9685 2122  FHOG App Form
VIC State Revenue Office   - (03) 9628 6777  FHOG App Form
QLD State Revenue Office  - (07) 3227 8733  FHOG App Form
WA State Revenue Office   - (08) 9262 1400  FHOG App Form
SA State Revenue Office    - (08) 8266 3750  FHOG App Form
TAS State Revenue Office  - (03) 6233 4976  FHOG App Form
ACT State Revenue Office  - (02) 6207 0029  FHOG App Form
NT State Revenue Office    - (08) 8999 6683  FHOG App Form

Contact us directly on (02) 8005 0585

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